Nevada City, California, April 9, 2024 – Telestream, a leading provider of workflow automation, media processing, and distribution solutions, is today announcing a collaboration with NVIDIA to bring fully cloud-native professional video monitoring of high-quality content to media enterprises and professionals.

In today's live media production landscape, ensuring the highest quality and compliance of live content poses significant challenges for broadcasters. The volume of content, complexity of real-time issue detection, and scalability demands of cloud-based and IP workflows often outpace traditional monitoring solutions.

The complexity of real-time issue detection in live broadcasts — ranging from audiovisual quality to compliance with broadcast standards — requires sophisticated monitoring tools that can accurately identify and flag issues as they arise, without introducing delays into the live production workflow. This is compounded by the industry's shift towards cloud-based and IP (Internet Protocol) workflows, which, while offering scalability and flexibility advantages, also introduce new challenges in terms of ensuring seamless integration and maintaining consistent quality across distributed production environments.

To address these challenges, Telestream is integrating NVIDIA Holoscan for Media with its INSPECT monitoring platform. Harnessing NVIDIA's advanced GPU acceleration and AI technologies simplifies and accelerates the process of identifying and resolving quality issues in real time. By leveraging the power of Holoscan for Media, Telestream offers broadcasters an innovative solution to ensure their content consistently meets the highest standards of quality and compliance, transforming the landscape of live media monitoring with enhanced efficiency and accuracy.

Key Benefits to Telestream Customers

"Telestream has a vision of helping drive a revolution in the media industry to dramatically increase the efficiency of processing high-quality content as the expectations of viewers for more, and better, experiences rise,” stated Charlie Dunn, SVP & GM, Test & Measurement, Telestream. “The ability to provide optimized media processes without compromising quality or ease of use has been the hallmark of Telestream’s test and measurement solutions, so we are thrilled to include INSPECT as an integrated solution for ST 2110 on NVIDIA Holoscan for Media.”

“Precise and proven technology is needed for robust monitoring of video content and standards requirements,” said Bob Pette, VP, Enterprise Platforms, NVIDIA. “Telestream’s integration of its INSPECT application with NVIDIA Holoscan for Media is poised to empower media enterprises to deliver enhanced video content monitoring and output for broadcasters worldwide.”

NVIDIA Holoscan for Media transforms application development for live media by providing an IP-based, cloud-native architecture unconstrained by dedicated hardware, environments, or locations. It integrates open-source and ubiquitous technologies, enabling developers to simplify the development process, streamline delivery to customers, and integrate emerging technologies like generative Al into their solutions, all while optimizing their R&D spend.

Telestream’s INSPECT IP-based video monitoring and ST 2110 solution is designed to provide extensive production oversight, such as audio levels, picture display, and ancillary data monitoring, as well as automated detection of PTP-related issues. Its monitoring-by-exception approach provides for an efficient troubleshooting process, eliminating the need for constant network supervision. INSPECT also offers remote access monitoring and control from anywhere.

Added Dunn, “As media production increasingly migrates to the cloud for operational benefits, our collaborations with technology leaders like NVIDIA offer a powerful avenue for cloud and AI enterprises to swiftly provide cutting-edge tools to customers.”

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