Nevada City, California, April 10, 2024 – The media and entertainment industry faces unprecedented challenges in maintaining content quality in today's rapidly evolving media landscape. With the exponential growth of content volume and the proliferation of distribution platforms—from OTT services and linear TV to social media channels—media companies are under immense pressure to ensure that all content meets the highest quality standards, a critical factor influencing viewer satisfaction, engagement, and ultimately, the bottom line. These challenges are further intensified by the diversity of content formats, codecs, and compliance requirements across platforms, underscoring the critical need for a comprehensive, scalable, and efficient file quality control (QC) solution. Traditional QC methods are no longer sufficient, prompting an urgent demand for innovative solutions that address the industry's complex quality demands while ensuring the highest quality output.

In response to these media quality challenges, Telestream is announcing a Strategic Collaboration Agreement with Amazon Web Services (AWS) ahead of the NAB Show, which will bring Telestream's cloud-native file QC product, Qualify QC, to AWS Marketplace. By leveraging AWS's extensive cloud infrastructure and Telestream's expertise in media processing and quality solutions, this partnership provides a comprehensive file QC solution to tackle the industry’s most pressing quality challenges head on. By leveraging AWS Marketplace, media companies can soon access Qualify QC effortlessly, integrating it into their existing AWS-based workflows for seamless end-to-end media processing pipelines. This availability not only simplifies procurement but also enables organizations to quickly scale their quality control capabilities as needed. Both companies are committed to working closely together to continually enhance Qualify QC, ensuring it remains at the forefront of media file quality control technology.

"Our strategic collaboration with AWS represents a pivotal step forward in our mission to provide media companies with the most comprehensive and innovative quality control solutions," said Mike Gilson, Chief Product Officer of Telestream. "By making Qualify QC available on AWS Marketplace, we're not only simplifying access to our technology but also enabling media companies to deliver the highest quality content with unprecedented efficiency and scale."

Qualify QC by Telestream represents a leap forward in file QC solutions, providing media and entertainment companies with an extensive suite of tests designed to maintain impeccable video content standards. From general validations like duration, file size, and bitrate to more specific video and audio checks, Qualify QC ensures thorough compliance and quality assurance across the board. Additionally, the integration of AI-enabled rude word and profanity detection showcases the platform's commitment to addressing the evolving needs of content moderation in media.

Key Features of Qualify QC Include

For media companies committed to providing outstanding video content, the availability of Qualify QC on AWS Marketplace empowers them to overcome the most formidable quality challenges, ensuring the highest quality content delivery across all platforms.

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