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Telestream’s award-winning solutions provide end-to-end visibility and control over media processing, quality monitoring, delivery, and monetization workflows

Streamline media processing workflows using scalable, feature-rich, cloud-native quality control solutions with built-in microservices like transcoding and captioning.

Monitor video quality from centralized dashboards to minimize and resolve QoS and QoE errors quickly.

Validate SLA and regulatory compliance with consolidated analytics and a single management interface for the full video delivery chain.

Automate advertising ingest, preparation, and dynamic ad insertion (DAI) processes with end-to-end workflow orchestration and performance monitoring for MVPD, SVOD, AVOD, and FAST services.

Deliver dynamic, high-quality, monetized media experiences with confidence for traditional linear video and OTT streaming services.

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Deliver Premium Content to All Screens with Confidence

For Linear Video Service Providers & Telecommunications

Monitor Quality & Delivery End-to-End

Create a tightly-integrated, orchestrated media delivery chain with QoS and QoE monitoring from a single, centralized dashboard.

Gain Full Visibility & Control from Centralized Management Dashboards

Aggregate, monitor, and act on key analytics and data from consolidated, intuitive interfaces across ABR service workflows.

For OTT & Direct To Consumer (D2C) Streaming Services

Prepare Higher-Quality Media Deliverables

Process, package, and finalize media for distribution, with cloud-native QC and microservices for transcoding, watermarking, DAI, captioning and more.

Ingest, Prepare, & Monitor Dynamic Advertising Content

Generate revenue from high-quality, premium streaming media content with confidence.

Industry-leading media distribution & monetization services for:

Cloud-Native Media Processing

Preparing large mezzanine VOD files for broadcast involves a lot of important steps. Telestream’s highly-scalable, feature-rich Cloud-Native Media Processing solutions optimize and streamline these workflows with microservices for transcoding, packaging, conformance, DRM, DAI, automated QC, ultra-fast processing, captioning, and subtitle conversion.

  • VOD Broadcast and Streaming Transcoding
  • VOD Quality Control (QC)
  • VOD Monitoring

Video Quality Monitoring

Monitoring your video content quality—from contribution source through CDN and distribution—is important to delivering the best possible media viewing experiences to subscribers. Telestream’s Video Quality Monitoring solutions give you full visibility and control to validate compliance requirements and SLAs with a single, centralized management interface across linear and ABR service workflows. Consolidate analytics and aggregate data throughout your entire video delivery chain to ensure optimal QoS and QoE.

  • Live Contribution and Distribution
  • Transport and ABR streaming
  • Centralized Monitoring Management

Dynamic Ad Insertion

Once your content is ready for broadcast, you need a reliable and efficient workflow for generating and inserting ads that are supported across all the devices and screens viewers may be using. Telestream’s Dynamic Ad Insertion solutions automate ABR ad insertion and preparation, as well as provide end-to-end quality monitoring and management to overcome unacceptable ad failure rates in the DAI workflow. Ensure premium content continues generating revenue for your organization.

  • DAI Monitoring
  • ABR Ad Insertion
  • Stream Conditioning

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