Vantage Avid Integration

Vantage includes a deep integration for Avid systems enabling significant gains in productivity for every type of Avid user, from small production houses to large broadcasters producing national news programs. These dramatic productivity gains are made possible by making file-based import and export processes faster, more automated, and less reliant on operator action.

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What’s new for Avid Integration


The new Avid Production Asset Monitor in Vantage supports Interplay/MediaCentral directory monitoring allowing Vantage to trigger jobs from ‘virtual directories’. Avid editors no longer need to spend valuable time rendering and exporting sequences from Media Composer for use in a Vantage workflow.

Vantage also includes a new window that allows users to connect to their Avid systems and start jobs without leaving Vantage. Avid sequences and master clips can automatically trigger Vantage workflows from within the Interplay environment.

Lightspeed Live Capture

In Lightspeed Live Capture, a new Avid Interplay Advanced Encoder option allows baseband SDI signals from live events, tapes, or IP feeds to be encoded into native Avid MXF OPAtom containers and AAF files for use in any file-based workflow.

Lightspeed Live Capture also supports “growing files” in an Edit-While-Capture (Framechase Editing) workflow and provides direct support for Avid storage solutions. Files and metadata, including generated MOB ID’s, can automatically be checked into to Interplay/Media Central.

Lightspeed Live Capture now streamlines ingest for Avid workflows by creating Avid OPAtom MXF media with associated AAF files and automatically checking assets into Interplay/MediaCentral.

One Customer's Story

Read about how Atlantis Television, having over 600 Avid edit suites, links to Avid Isis shared storage with more than 2.4 Petabytes of data storage, and supports this infrastructure with an efficient and fast turnaround transcoding workflow solution from Telestream —Read More.