Vantage Cloud Pricing Overview

Vantage Cloud pricing is based on the actual usage of individual features within the cloud-capable Vantage actions. In order to determine how much an encoding or analysis action will cost, you can locate and add up the price for each feature enabled in your action to determine the price per output minute of content.

A typical encoding action would consist of one or more codecs, optional features, and packagers. The sections on this page will display the individual prices of the various selections, the total of which will give you the per-minute price of the action at run-time.

Vantage 8 and above provides the ability to place an action in Cloud Mode, which will display the per-minute price of the action as configured, directly in the user interface of Vantage. This functionality provides a way to quickly determine the price of an action without referring to this price list.

Subscription Packages

  • Vantage Cloud subscription packages are available for purchase in varying commitment levels and durations.
  • Committing to usage by purchasing a package ensures you are receiving the very best price, based on your volume of consumption.
  • Packages must be consumed prior to the end of the package duration.
  • Contact your Telestream Sales Representative to discuss package options.


  • Invoicing will occur on a monthly basis, based on the actual usage during that billing period.
  • If the included credits are exhausted prior to the package period ending, any subsequent usage for the remainder of the current billing period will continue to be discounted at the current rate.

H.264 Encoding

H.265 Encoding

AVCI Encoding

AVC Ultra Encoding

XAVC Encoding

MPEG-2 Encoding

ProRes 422 Encoding

ProRes 444 Encoding

Canopus Encoding

DNxHD Encoding

DNxHR Encoding

DV Encoding

DVCPro HD Encoding

IMX Encoding

XDCAM Encoding

JPEG2000 Encoding

Audio Only Encoding

Direct Convert Encoding

IMF Packaging

IMF Packaging

CMAF Packaging

DCP Packaging

AS-XX Packaging

HLS Packaging

DASH Packaging

ATS Packaging

Cinnafilm Tachyon Option

Cinnafilm Tachyon Option

InSync FrameFormer

Neilsen Audio Watermarking

NexGuard Video Watermarking

AC3 Encoding Option

Dolby Atmos Encoding Option

Dolby E Decode Option

Dolby D Decode Option

IDR Frame Insertion Option

Tempo Action Option

Post Producer Conform Action Option

Post Producer Conform Action Two-Layer

IPTV ACTION - Encoding

IPTV Action - Options

Multiscreen Action - Encoding

Multiscreen Action - Packaging

Multiscreen Action - Options

Subtitle Overlay

Caption File Sidecar

Caption File Insertion

Dolby D Decode

Media Properties

Media or Metadata Analysis