Need help with Wirecast Gear?

You've come to the right place

Need help with Wirecast Gear?

You've come to the right place

Need help with Wirecast Gear?

You've come to the right place

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Telestream strives to deliver the most innovative and cost-effective products, therefore it may periodically elect to discontinue specific products or product versions.

Going forward, we have decided that Wirecast will be a software-only product and Wirecast Gear has entered the final phase of the life cycle and is no longer for sale.

Our commitment to Wirecast software and supporting and servicing existing Wirecast Gear units remains unwavering.

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Wirecast Gear FAQs

Telestream has released an update to the Wirecast Gear capture card drivers to compliment changes in Wirecast 14. Please note that this capture card update only applies to the Wirecast Gear 310, 320 and 420 units.

Before updating the drivers, we recommend creating a restore point just in case you wish to roll back to an earlier version of Wirecast as Wirecast 13 or earlier will not work with the new Wirecast Gear capture card drivers.

You can download the capture card updates here: Wirecast Gear Capture Card Driver Update

The Wirecast Gear 310, 320 and 420 units come with two XLR inputs. The XLR inputs are MONO.

The XLR inputs will appear in the Windows Device Manager and in Wirecast as Microphone (USB Audio Device) (the left XLR input) and Microphone (2 - USB Audio Device) (the right XLR input). Left and right when facing the back of the Wirecast Gear unit.

You can use the shot audio properties to send the mono input from the XLR to either the left or the right or to both of the audio channels.

In the audio properties, you can select L in audio channels 1 and 2 to send the audio to the left audio output channel. You can select R in audio channels 1 and 2 to send the audio to the right audio output channel. Wirecast only outputs two audio channels for stereo audio.

Note, you can use any combination of and in the audio channels to route the audio to the left and right audio output channels.

The Wirecast Gear 310 & 320 units do not have a discrete graphics card so you may experience HIGH GPU which will affect the performance.

Below are some recommendations to lower the GPU:

  • The Wirecast Gear 300 series were designed to live stream to a single output destination.
    • If you would like to record your live stream, we recommend using the "Record to Disk – MOV" output destination. We do not recommend using Intel Quicksync hardware acceleration as this increases pressure on the GPU usage.
  • Limit to one Chroma key. Multiple chroma keys is too GPU intensive.
  • Consider using 1080 HD monitors (UHD or 4k monitors not recommended). High resolution displays requires more work for the GPU to process.
  • Consider a single Multi-Viewer Output. Additional multi-viewer outputs adds additional pressure to GPU.
  • Set the canvas size to 1280x720 ("Output->Canvas Size") to help lower the GPU usage.
  • Disable the "Live GPU accelerated icons" and "Live Auto Meters". This will relieve pressure on the GPU.
    • These settings are found under the "Shot Display" in the Wirecast Preferences. Also, do keep in mind if the customer wants to use live icons, the more live icons there are in the Wirecast master layers, the more GPU intensive the document will be to render.

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