Blazingly Fast GPU

GPU acceleration

Accelerate video processing and H.264 encoding

Accelerate x264 encoding

Accelerate x264 encoding

Get the best H.264 image quality for screens of any size with renowned x264 adaptive bitrate encoding

Reduced Footprint To Save Space & Power

Save space and power

16-bit 4:4:4:4, best compression tools; HPA Engineering Excellence Award from the Hollywood Post Alliance

The Vantage Promise

Vantage Promise

  • Recognized speed
  • Award-winning quality
  • Hands-free automated workflow
  • Intelligent decision making
  • Allows business growth
  • World class support
Increased Productivity

Increase Productivity

High-efficiency video processing means faster turnaround and increased productivity



Produce sharper, clearer images with high-quality deinterlacing

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16 bit Video Processing

16-bit Video Processing

Efficiently process 16-bit, 4:4:4:4 YUV video, achieving sparkling image quality and color fidelity for any Vantage output format

Video Image Scaling

Video Image Scaling

Preserve image sharpness and eliminate artifacts with advanced up/down image scaling

Best In Class File Based Conversion

Best-in-Class file-based conversion

Accelerate standards conversion of broadcast content to film rates and frame rate conversion for internationalization and inverse telecine

Industrial Strength Hardware

Industrial-strength hardware

Enterprise-class Lightspeed Servers are built for 24/7 operation

High Performance

High performance

Utilizes GPUs and multicore CPUs to meet increased output capacity needs

World Class Support

World-Class Support

Highly-skilled technicians and hardware replacement programs available to meet your needs; plus 3-year warranty available

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HPAA 2013 EE & CI Winners

Award-winning quality

Recipient of the Engineering Excellence Award from the Hollywood Post Alliance for image processing

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