Vantage Cloud

Vantage can simultaneously process on-premise and cloud-based a single Workflow!

Since most media companies wish to continue to use their on-premise technology while moving new workflows and burst capacity to the cloud, the dominant on-premise market presence of the Vantage Media Processing Platform makes it the perfect choice to support these hybrid workflows. Vantage Cloud was created to address these applications.

With the new consumption-based actions in Vantage Cloud, users only pay for media processing results.

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Vantage Cloud Designer

A game changer for running Vantage in the cloud. The easiest way to start processing your media that enables cloud-based and remote access to on-prem storage without requiring on-prem Vantage or interfering with your existing Vantage domains.

Remote Working & Business Continuity

What if you could free up your powerful editing workstations from performing non-creative tasks – even for remote workflows? Are business continuity & disaster recovery plans a critical part of your media operations?

That's where Vantage Cloud comes in. Vantage Cloud sets your creativity free and helps you prepare for remote working and disaster recovery.

Hosted Workflows Demo

Reuben Cohn, Vantage Cloud product manager, demonstrates an exciting new feature of Vantage Cloud that allows you to export entire Vantage workflows, run them in Telestream Cloud, and then access them remotely anywhere in the world.

Vantage Cloud outcomes at a glance

  • Vantage Cloud is location and resource aware:  Vantage workflows automatically “follow the media.”
  • As media files are orchestrated, Vantage Cloud automatically provides intelligent and efficient management of cloud storage, avoiding egress fees and providing operational efficiencies that are easily monitored.
  • Workflows can be made to burst in peak demand situations – you’re ready for worst case workload without constant over provisioning. Consumption based pricing protects your bottom line.
  • Best of breed partner integrations that have made Vantage the industry standard are now available in a flexible hybrid cloud offering.
  • Optionally, Vantage Cloud Hosted Workflows allow you to orchestrate Vantage workflows entirely in the cloud, leveraging Telestream’s best-of-breed Cloud engines. No special workflow onboarding needed, you can modify cloud workflows at any time—and startup and scale workflows quickly entirely in the cloud outside of your on-premise Vantage system. Your on-premise Vantage system is only used for workflow design and validation of hosted workflows.
Vantage Cloud Installation Cloud Transcoding

Hosted Workflows

Cloud Hosted Workflows give you the power to evolve your Vantage solutions into intelligent cloud-native media-transformation engines. Design powerful automated solutions using the same Vantage Workflow Designer trusted by the top media and entertainment companies, and deploy those custom solutions into Telestream Cloud where they can be accessed from anywhere on the planet. Decentralized access to your own robust solutions with no single point-of-failure completely changes the game, and unlocks new horizons for your automated cloud-based workflows.

SaaS, IaaS, Hybrid —
you can have it your way

Telestream has deep cloud and hybrid experience, with SaaS solutions on its Telestream Cloud site, and powerful Vantage offerings on-premise and in the cloud via support for IaaS and diverse virtualized environments. With Vantage Cloud, as a Vantage user you can create powerful workflows that extend flexibly into the cloud with ease in just a few clicks, using all the tools you’re already familiar with. Using proven solid technology that extends Vantage with your choice of cloud services (including AWS, Azure and Google) you can:

  • Build upon Vantage resources you already have
  • Get started immediately with no workflow onboarding needed
  • Modify workflows at anytime, using the tools you already know
  • Startup and scale easily
  • Have pricing that is transparent, predictable and competitive

Cloud Workflows can include Vantage services that are unavailable or unlicensed in the local domain

Vantage users can ease into the cloud – a hybrid approach is a natural next step for existing systems.

  • Because it’s Vantage, you own & control your workflows.
  • Workflow Designer resides on infrastructure, but some or all media processing can be in the cloud.
  • Workflows deploy into the cloud using containerized micro services with transcoding engines identical to on-prem services. Telestream Cloud orchestrates services and ensures visibility.

Vantage Cloud – how it works

Vantage Cloud Orchestration Cloud Encoding
Vantage Cloud Flip

In addition to the flexible licensing options already available for the Vantage Media Processing Platform, Vantage Cloud enables consumption-based operation (and pricing) for Vantage actions. More specifically, Vantage Cloud defines a set of media processing actions which can be run in a consumption-based, SaaS mode. These Vantage Cloud actions tackle the heavy-duty media processing while Vantage software handles workflow design and orchestration.

There are two major aspects to Vantage Cloud:
    1. Vantage workflow design and orchestration
    2. Cloud-enabled actions

Workflows are built with the Vantage Workflow Designer and run by the Vantage orchestration engine. Vantage users own their workflows and determine where the orchestration engine runs and who has access. Adding Vantage Cloud does not change this operating model.

Vantage Cloud enables actions placed in a cloud-mode to run within Vantage workflows—providing the same outcomes as infrastructure-based Vantage actions but with a consumption-based operating (and pricing) model.

Whenever a Vantage action is cloud-enabled via Vantage Cloud, a Telestream Cloud icon is added to the action within the Vantage workflow (see example diagram), and operators are presented with a cost to run a Vantage Cloud action at the time of configuration.

And while a Telestream Cloud account is required to be able to leverage Vantage Cloud, all of the workflow design and orchestration happens within the Vantage Media Processing Platform. Vantage Cloud users reference their Telestream Cloud console for information about minutes used and billing totals for their cloud-enabled actions.

Actions that can be cloud-enabled with Vantage Cloud include:

  • IPTV Flip
  • Multiscreen Flip
  • Flip64
  • Post Producer
  • Timed Text Flip
  • Analysis
  • Tempo
  • Cloud QC
  • Cloud Flip
  • Cloud Speech

Vantage Cloud is Location and Resource-aware

VVantage Cloud Workflow Multi Cloud Video Encoding

Workflows with cloud-enabled actions (via Vantage Cloud) can have a characteristic where “workflows follow the media.” This is accomplished by designing workflows with Decide actions and a new location action to conditionally route files. If media lives in the cloud, Vantage Cloud actions can process it there. When necessary, Vantage Cloud actions can automatically move media to the cloud, which is most efficient when media is headed for cloud storage anyway. Workflows can be set up to make decisions on whether to process “on-prem” or in the cloud. Being “storage-aware” means Vantage workflows with Vantage Cloud actions are seamless across storage locations. Furthermore, Vantage Cloud actions can be switched from local to SaaS mode to expand capacity and to respond to resource demands.

With Vantage Cloud, operators can manually configure existing actions for SaaS mode or dynamically scale out the necessary processing resources as close to the content as possible. For example, Vantage Cloud actions can burst to SaaS mode automatically when system load reaches a predetermined threshold. Workflows would be manually configured to do this using a new Utilization action to produce variables, and Decide actions to act upon the variables.

Business Benefits

  • Leverage existing Vantage workflow efforts
    Many hours are spent programming Vantage workflows to solve problems - with Vantage Cloud you don’t need to recreate them
  • No on-boarding expense or redesign
    Workflows are executed right from Vantage, they aren’t sent anywhere
  • 100% OPEX predictable SaaS pricing
    Vantage Cloud is billed based on output content minutes
    It has a simple, deterministic pricing approach
  • Instant pricing feedback
    Optional display of per-minute processing price in Vantage
  • Access to unlicensed Vantage features
    Any cloud-capable actions and features can be used
  • True Disaster Recovery
    With decentralized workflow orchestration via the Hosted Workflows feature, your supply chain living in the cloud can relocate on-the-fly. If the local facility goes down, your workflows keep running!
  • Single vendor, multi-cloud
    SaaS model means one bill to pay for execution, compute, and management
    Telestream Cloud deploys compute in whichever cloud provider hosts the media
  • Detailed cost reporting for assigning costs
    Cloud console can generate usage reports based on workload for any time period

Operational Benefits

  • Single management platform
    Vantage is now a unified tool for managing on-prem and cloud processing
    Get a consolidated status view, history and reporting
  • Familiar Vantage logic for cloud usage control
    New “Location” and “Utilization” actions provide variables allowing Decide actions to determine processing location according to individual needs
  • Integrated, efficient, media transfer
    Secure, encrypted, multi-thread HTTP download and upload when media transfer is necessary
  • Central usage of multiple Clouds
    Vantage Cloud can interact natively with buckets in many regions across AWS, Google, and Azure
    Egress charges are avoided by processing media in-region and only downloading when so configured
  • Rich supplementary interface for cloud status,analytics, and reporting
    Telestream Cloud UI provides additional status views for cloud jobs
    Simple analytics tools can report by workflow, action, and time period
  • Offload work from on-premises Vantage
    seamlessly by running Hosted Workflows in the cloud; provision new workflows - without putting pressure on existing Vantage systems
  • Set creativity free even for remote workflows!
    Offload non-creative work from creative NLE workstations in remote working use cases while solving the problem of reliable and secure access to on-prem storage

As a Vantage Customer, you'll want it because...

Vantage Cloud couples the power of Vantage with the simplicity of SaaS. New advanced workflows can leverage cloud processing without any onboarding. To take advantage of Vantage Cloud, you simply install Vantage 8.0 and you can begin to augment your on-premise processing.



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